We are Manufacturer, Supplier of Welding Positioners and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Anvin engineers welding positioners align the job to the best position for down hand welding for non-circular jobs or rotating circular job. Structure of the adjustable welding positioners is designed to the most suitable configuration for the rotation and angular tilting of the table.

Anvin making includes 1 to 40 ton positioner in its standard list. However, custom production can be realized up to 100Tons

Standard Features

  • Adjustable rotating speed
  • Remote controller with 5 mtr cable
  • Mechanical tilting indicator
  • Motor with brake for tilting

Covers wide range of jobs starting from 250kgs to 30000kgs. Designed and Manufactured for trouble free and easy operation. Fabricated with heavy sections which avoids defection under loaded conditions resulting in vibration free and smooth operation. Anti-fall arrangement for face plates gives additional safety. Positive locking tilting arrangement with instant braking arrangement ensures safety and accurate positioning. Rotary drive unit with AC Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) provides steplessely variable speed from 0.1 to Irpm for face plate. Earthing Arrangement with wear compensation gives uninterrupted Welding as well as sefety to the positioner elements. Tilting arrangement from horizontal 0 to 135 degrees ensures approch to all joints.

  • Easy positioning of add shaped jobs for download welding.
  • Allows maximum flexibility in job handling
  • With minimum handling, maximum accessibility ot joint is assured.
  • Eliminates frequent usage of crane, reducing idle time.
  • Increased production with reduced labour.
  • Single handed job manipulation and welding reduces labour cost.
  • Improved weld quality (even with unskilled operator) reduces weld defects and rejection.
  • Adaptable for automatic of manual welding.
  • Convenient for assembling intricate sub - assemblies.
  • Ideal for in conjunction with Column & Boom.
  • Extremely Stable and 'Free Standing' with the rated load.
  • Rugged & robust Design / Construction. Enhanced 'CG' rating due to specific design, lowering the distance to the 'Pivot point' from table.
  • Forced diversion of 'Earth return current' off the spindle bearings, avert bearing damage.
  • Activation of mechanical 'Stoppers' in case of limit switch failure.

Load capacity - 25 kgs. to 250 Tons Table Rotation - A.C. / D.C. variable speed OR A.C Fixed speed version.

  • Head Stock - Tail Stock setups.
  • Elevation type (adjustable table height)
  • Positioners
  • Turn tables
  • (Fixed Horizontal or Vertical table)
  • Degree of tilting angle can be - 45 ot + 90 degrees to the horizontal.
  • Face plate diameters more than the standard versions. Please specify, for such requirements.
  • Also mention, whether extension arms can be used to accommodate increased diameter.


Technical Information
Sr. No. Model Carrying Capacity (Kg) Table Diameter (MM) Max. Table Tilting (0)
1 ART - 5 500 750 90
2 ART - 10 1000 1200 90
3 ART - 20 2000 1350 135
4 ART - 50 5000 1500 135
5 ART - 100 10000 2000 135
6 ART - 200 20000 2500 135
7 ART - 400 40000 2800 135